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如何獲取心理健康支援服務?How to Seek Help for Mental Health?

我們近日收到許多香港BN(O)簽證持有人的查詢,擔心透過家庭醫生(GP)尋求心理健康支援服務,可能會違反BN(O)簽證不得領取公共經濟援助(No Recourse to Public Funds, NRPF)的條件,並影響他們未來申請無限期居留許可 (Indefinite Leave to Remain, ILR)。


一. 國民保健服務 (NHS);

二. 地方政府社會服務部門 (Social Services Department, SSD);

三. 社區和志願團體福利服務。


一. 香港BN(O)簽證持有人已經支付了移民健康附加費(Immigration Health Surcharge)以使用各類型的NHS服務;因此,他們已支付使用NHS心理健康支援服務。

二. 使用SSD服務並不被視為申領公共經濟援助。

三. 社區和志願團體福利服務並非政府機構,因此不被算作公共服務。


五. 尋求以上任何服務均不會影響香港BN(O)簽證持有人,在定居五年後,申請無限期居留許可(ILR)。




圍爐傾 (UK Hearth Talk)

港援 (Hong Kong Aid)

Hong Kong Assistance and Resettlement Community

克尼華人社會服務中心 (Hackney Chinese Community Services)

How to Seek Help for Mental Health?

We received a large number of enquiries from HK BN(O)s about worrying that seeking mental health support from GP may be a breach of BN(O) No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) condition, and could affect their application for indefinite leave to remain in future.

There are three routes to access mental health services: A. National Health Service (NHS), B. local government social services department (SSD), C. community and voluntary sector well-being services.

We will like to emphasise that:

1. HK BN(O) visa holders have paid Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) to access the NHS; therefore, accessing NHS mental health is a service they have already paid for.

2. SSD services are not regarded as a public fund.

3. Community and voluntary sector well-being services are not government services and thus do not count as public service.

4. The Hong Kong Welcome Programme is budgeted for local councils to provide £2,720 per BN(O) household at risk of destitution; destitution support is not a breach of NRPF.

5. Accessing any of the above services WILL NOT affect HK BN(O) application for indefinite Leave and Remain (ILR) when they have been living in the UK for five years.

We encourage HK BN(O) visa holders to consult mental health support if they feel the need to do so.

Many Hongkongers organisations provide mental health support. When needed, seeking help is the first step to a solution. On the other hand, utilising local resources like NHS, SSD, etc. can relieve the workload of Hongkongers organisations. Thus the service users access appropriate assistance timely.

Living in a new city should face a lot of challenges. Yet, we are here on the journey. Although we are all limited, we are here to listen to your hearts and assist as far as possible.

A joint statement by:

UK Hearth Talk

Hong Kong Aid

Hong Kong Assistance and Resettlement Community

Hackney Chinese Community Services

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